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Green Tea Film is a producer collective with offices in Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

We are specialising in producing high quality of movie contents for TV commercials and Web as well as stills.

We have a partner in Spain, Portugal, Italy, USA (LA), Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia.
This unique system allows us to access to a broad range of locations, directors and DOPs internationally and film seamlessly in these countries at a fraction of cost as we can be hired a freelance producer.

Nike_Filmed in Japan

Toyota_Filmed in New Zealand

Honda Spada_Filmed in Australia

Mitsubishi Global Campaign 2018 _Filmed in Australia

Mitsubishi Global Campaign 2017 _Filmed in Australia

Mitsubishi _Filmed in Australia

Yamaha _Filmed in Japan

Mazda _Filmed in Australia

Production work

Mitsubishi _Filmed in New Zealand

Nivea _Filmed in Australia

Panasonic _Filmed in New Zealand

Volks Wagen_Filmed in Australia

Coca Cola Central Japan_Filmed in Australia